ReGreen Brut IPA Release Party

April 26th 4-8pm

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A Cause Worth Drinking For

We invite you to join us and our friends at Taylor Guitars on April 26th at our Main Brewery Tasting Room and Beer Garden for the release of “ReGreen Brut IPA”, benefitting the Friends of Balboa Park’s Trees To Treasures program

Event Location and Directions: 5985 Santa Fe St. San Diego, CA 92109


Live music from Birdy Bardot and The Midnight Pine

Appearances by Bob Taylor and Karl Strauss Brewmaster of R&D Paul Segura

A chance to win a Taylor guitar, merch, and other prizes from San Diego Urban Timber, Karl Strauss, and more!

Food will be available onsite from Bread & Cheese Catering

Regreen Brut IPA release party event poster

The Beer

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Taylor Guitars to bring you this annual, rotational IPA series. Together, we’re raising awareness for local environmental initiatives and “ReGreening” our community by supporting organizations that aid in these worthy causes. As for the beer? This year’s edition of ReGreen is a Brut IPA with a champagne-like, crisp flavor profile. It has bold notes of tropical fruit, hints of pine, and in true Brut fashion, finishes incredibly dry. 2019 efforts will support the Trees to Treasures fund led by Friends of Balboa Park. ReGreen the beer, ReGreen the community.

The Inspiration

An unlikely pairing some might say… Taylor Guitars, the world’s preeminent acoustic guitar manufacturer, and Karl Strauss, San Diego’s original craft brewing company. While our industry focuses happen to be in holistically different mediums, our mutual respect for our environment and our local community couldn’t be more aligned.

Long time admirers of each other’s work (who doesn’t enjoy drinking delicious beer while playing quality guitars?) the relationship between Karl Strauss and Taylor Guitars truly became official in 2015 when we set out to launch the first collaboration beer between our two companies: “614 Farmhouse Ale”— a beer promoting the use of Maple wood, a more ethically-minded alternative to the available species of wood used throughout the manufacturing process of acoustic guitars.

Since then our journey has taken us even further down the path of exploring the intersection between sustainable manufacturing processes and great beer, expanding our minds and helping us to better understand how we can continue to make impacts through socially conscious and environmentally-minded business decisions. Through all of this we’ve not only learned a great deal but have met a number of amazing folks along the way—some of which, unsurprisingly, have turned out to be mutual friends all along.

San Diego Urban Timber, a local leader in the Urban Reforestation movement, has been quietly working with local businesses over the past 10 years (Karl Strauss among them) to repurpose our urban forest—a resource otherwise destined for mulching or landfills—to instead create and supply beautiful art and furniture for local businesses and our community. The wood they use in their manufacturing comes from a number of sources, one of which is near and dear to both Karl and Taylor. Enter: Friends of Balboa Park Trees to Treasures Program.

As the ReGreen collaboration began to take shape, we knew we wanted to have San Diego Urban Timber onboard to guide our efforts towards an area we felt we could make the biggest impact in 2019. Through the Trees to Treasure fund, we will be helping Friends of Balboa Park to maintain the precious canopy in Balboa Park, as well as provide locally sourced wood for a business that ultimately supports other local business. Win. Win. Win. And who knows, there may just be a guitar on the horizon made from trees found in our collective backyard. Cheers!

Regreen Brut IPA and Glass
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Birdy Bardot performing live

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