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10448 Reserve Dr
San Diego, CA 92127

P: 858-376-2739 | Group Events P: 858-581-7324


Every Thursday.
Come Thirsty.

Cask Lineup

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$12 Core Beers
$15 Special Release

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Cask Night

Cask-conditioned beer is an ale that undergoes a secondary fermentation by maturing in small casks (approximately 11 gallons), which give it more developed flavors than draught beer. It is also smoother than keg beer because it is dispensed without the use of carbon dioxide (CO2). Draught beer is pushed from a keg using CO2, while cask beer is pulled out of the cask and drawn into the glass using a siphon pump device called a beer engine. This is the traditional serving technique found in pubs in the UK.

We tap a new cask every Thursday at 5 p.m.
This weeks cask:

Whole Leaf Cascade Hopped Pintail Pale Ale

5.3% ABV – 15 SRM – 47 IBU
Our American-style pale ale cask-condition with a generous helping of whole leaf Cascade hops. Aromas and flavors of floral, citrus and pine are rounded out by a delicate malt-backbone.

to Go

Bring the beer home

$12 Core Beers
$15 Special Release

Ask your Server

Happy Hour

Mon-Fri 3:00p-6:00p

$5 Handcrafted Pints, Flights, Wines, and Beer Bites


We support the new minimum wage and supplemental labor ordinances for our team. In lieu of a menu price increase a 3% surcharge is included on all guest checks.

Beer Bites 

CHILI LIME FRIES Sweet potato fries with chili powder, lime zest, and spicy ranch.

CRISPY ORGANIC TOFU Locally made by San Diego Tofu Dairy. Tossed in honey mustard with sriracha, sesame, cilantro, and spicy mustard.

BUFFALO WINGS The perfect snack-size portion. Blue cheese dipping sauce, carrots, and celery on the side.

DUCK FAT PRETZEL BITES We get ‘em local from San Diego Pretzel Company with rosemary, pecorino, and truffle dip.

PROTEIN BOARD Zoe’s nitrite-free Coppa Salume & Genovese Salami from Santa Rosa, pickled jalapenos, togarashi cage-free egg, cashews, and fresh apple.

Brew Tours

Call for availability and reservations. 858-376-2739

Parties & Group Events

For events big and small, we offer private and semi-private dining options, as well as indoor and patio seating. With a professional, attentive staff effortlessly watching over every detail, your only concern will be enjoying the beer, food and company.

This is no ordinary spread. Our chefs use our award winning beer lineup as the inspiration to create remarkable, tantalizing dishes you simply cannot experience elsewhere. Tell your people to come hungry.


Contact 858-581-7324.


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