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2016 Great American Beer Festival

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We brew this lager in tribute to the world’s biggest beer party. Vienna and Munich malts produce the deep golden color, nutty undertones, and toasted malt flavors characteristic of this renowned Bavarian beer style. Perle hops imported directly from the Hallertau region of Germany yield a smooth balanced finish. This year’s batch of Oktoberfest has arrived, and it tastes like we’re in for quite the celebration. Prost!

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Barrel Royale

A 10-Round Mouth Punch of Beer Excellence!

 10/22 at our Tasting Room & Beer Garden in Pacific Beach

A knock down, drag out craft beer “Barrel Royale” featuring a lineup of our Barrel-Aged, Rare, & Sour beers going toe-to-toe with your taste buds!

Dancin’ With The Devil | KARL’s 2016 Pro-Am Competition

One of the favorite annual traditions at the brewery is our Pro-Am competition. Local, amateur brewers submit their best batches of garage grog in the hopes of winning a coveted chance...

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