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Mosaic Oasis IPA Can and Glass

Mosaic Oasis IPA

You trudge through a dry, harsh landscape in search of refreshment. You accept your fate, doomed to perish in this lonely desert, deprived of that sweet sweet life-giving nectar. But lo! What’s that in the distance? Could it be the safe haven you’ve been searching for? Your eyes do not deceive you, and your nose is greeted by a colorful mosaic of intoxicatingly fruity aromas. Grapefruit, tangerine, stone fruit, and… dare you say, papaya? Indeed, Mosaic Oasis IPA is a dank and citrusy San Diego-style treasure brewed with our friends (and IPA wizards) at Modern Times Beer. Sure, any oasis can quench your thirst. But who needs H-2-O when you’ve got I-P-A?

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