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When a heat wave hits, it’s time to crank up the A/C. But for those of us without “actual” air conditioning, it may be time to stick your clothes in the freezer to cool down. If that fails and you’re still roasting alive, we got ya covered. Liquid A/C is a refreshing English Summer Ale born out of our small batch program. This GABF medal winner has toasted malt flavors with mild fruity esters, followed by a clean, crisp finish. As for inflatable pools? It turns out they pair perfectly with English Summer Ales – brewers’ boots and all.

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 Saturday September 23rd 2:00-6:00

A Märzen soaked celebration overflowing with food, friends, and Lederhosen! Our annual Oktoberfest party celebrates the release of our Fall Seasonal Oktoberfest beer and honors the traditional German celebration with a San Diego twist.

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