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We are proud to release “Presidio Porter” starting on April 7th, 2017 at our Tasting Room and Brewpubs. $1 of each pint sold will be donated back to the Pink Boots Society.

Started by Sophie de Ronde in England in 2014, IWCBD (International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day) was designed for camaraderie and to encourage women to brew together socially on International Women’s Day, March 8th, each year. Big Boots Brew Day was born from the Pink Boots Society members’ amazing participation in International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day to raise the profile of women in the industry and to raise the profile of beer to women. On Big Boots Brew Day, Pink Boots chapters, members, breweries, and supporters all get together, don their pink boots, and get brewing via Pink Boots Society

Pink Boot Brew Womens DayPink Boot Brew 2017

This year the women of Karl Strauss got together to brew up a Pre-Prohibition Style Porter they’ve named “Presidio Porter“. Commercially brewed in Philadelphia during the revolutionary period, this little known style gained wide acceptance in the newly formed mid-Atlantic states, and was even endorsed by President George Washington. Smoother and less hop forward than our modern American Porters but a bit lighter on the caramel maltiness associated with an English Porter, it’s a unique recipe that was chosen to fit into this year’s theme of “Historical Styles”.

We’re excited to be tapping this year’s batch starting on April 7, 2017 at both our Tasting Room & Beer Garden as well as our Brewpubs. For each pint sold we’ll be donating $1 to the Pink Boots Society in support of women looking to further their careers in the brewing industry. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to highlight a few of the many women here at Karl who are doing incredible work in and around the brewhouse. Each and every day it is a privilege to stand next to, and more often than not, in the shadow of our accomplished, intelligent, resilient and inspiring sisters.

Deanna Boyce – Quality Control Chemist

Deanna is a scientific wiz who helps ensure our beer meets our rigorous quality standards by employing a number of techniques and technologies (many of which your average person couldn’t even pronounce) to thoroughly vet each batch of beer that leaves our brewery.

Leah Henderson – Brewery Production Planner & Certified Cicerone

Imagine directing traffic on a multi-lane merging freeway at rush hour while every driver is texting and you’ll have a rough idea of Leah’s day to day responsibilities. Making sure our beer gets where it needs to be, she plays an essential role in ensuring we’re organized and on top of production.

Melissa Sanchez – Brewer

On the front lines of the brewhouse, Melissa sets herself apart with a knack for nailing not only our tried and true recipes but coming up with inventive and delicious experimental casks for our weekly Thursday Cask Night. Her passion for brewing and the beer industry is infectious and we can’t say enough about her many talents.

Alyssa Powers – Brand Manager & Certified Cicerone

Alyssa is the inspired mind behind not only the witty copy on our labels, menus, and e-mail marketing but a master coordinator of promotions and marketing in our brewpubs as well.

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