*We make every effort to ensure that this page will accurately reflect what’s currently on tap and we appreciate your patience and understanding if a beer listed here is unavailable because it was too damn tasty to last very long.

On Tap Now


Kolsch-Style Ale

Just A Little Brett Sour


Karl Strauss Milk Stout

Milk Stout

Marcellus Farmhouse Ale


Code Name Duchess

Hoppy Lager

Karl Strauss Milk Stout

Milk Stout

Hen's Teeth Irish Stout

Dry Irish Stout

T-Town Showdown

American-Style Brett Beer

Tank Tap ProgramSmall batch, R & D, pilot program…call it what you will. We call them Tank Taps. Our Tank Tap offerings represent the creative imaginations of our brewers and their eagerness to push the envelope with innovative styles and unique ingredients. These experimental, limited quantity releases showcase a wide variety of beers with a distinct Karl Strauss twist and are exclusive to the Brewery Restaurant they are served in. No style is off limits and no recipe too abstract. Check back often to discover what’s on tap and be the first to taste the latest creation your local brewer has waiting for you.