Cask Nights at Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Cask Night

Karl Strauss Sorrento Mesa Hours Of Operation

Cask Tapping Hours Every Thursday

Downtown: Thursday @ 6:00p
La Jolla: Thursday @ 6:00p
Sorrento Mesa: Thursday @ 6:00p
Carlsbad: Thursday @ 5:00p
4S Ranch: Thursday @ 5:00p
Temecula: Thursday @ 5:00p
Costa Mesa: Thursday @ 5:30p
Universal CityWalk: Thursday @ 5:00p
Tasting Room: Thursday @ 5:00p

    On Cask This Month

  • October

  • 10/1/2015
    Pintail with Mezcal and Serrano Chiles
    5.3% ABV - 15 SRM - 47 IBU
  • Agave-based Mezcal imparts mild smoke flavors, while Serrano chilies add spicy depth to this assertively-hopped American Pale Ale for the perfect mixture of smoke, heat and citrus hop bitterness.
  • 10/8/2015
    Pumpkin Pie Amber
    4.5% ABV - 15 SRM - 18 IBU
  • Our original session beer cask-conditioned with pumpkin spice. Flavors of sweet caramel and lightly toasted malts are balanced by fall flavors of pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • 10/15/2015
    Vanilla Bean Wreck Alley
    9.5% ABV - 100 SRM - 50 IBU
  • Cask-conditioned with whole vanilla beans, this version of Wreck Alley strikes a smooth balance between dark chocolate, vanilla, and espresso-like roast.
Karl Strauss Sorrento Mesa Hours Of Operation

Simon Tijiboy, Cask Master

Simon's passion and creativity are the driving force behind our cask program and he is always searching for new and unique ways to showcase our beers while honoring traditional techniques. Whether through the addition of adventurous adjuncts or slight reinterpretations of classic styles, you can always count on Simon to deliver a killer cask.

Tap That Cask What is Cask Conditioned Ale?

Cask Conditioned Ale

Cask-conditioned beer is an ale that undergoes a secondary fermentation by maturing in small casks (approximately 11 gallons), which give it more developed flavors than draught beer. It is also smoother than keg beer because it is dispensed without the use of carbon dioxide (CO2). Draught beer is pushed from a keg using CO2, while cask beer is pulled out of the cask and drawn into the glass using a siphon pump device called a beer engine. This is the traditional serving technique found in pubs in the UK.

Cask-conditioned ales are stored and served slightly warmer than regular beer. The normal temperature for cask ale is 50-55°F. This temperature allows more of the delicate flavors that are developed during the secondary fermentation to be tasted.