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Follow The Sun
Follow The Sun Lager
hangs out for as long as you can.

San Diego, what a place… a beer city where Mother Nature plays dress up with her microclimates. Dive in, conquer a trail, crush the street tacos, discover a new community in every corner. What’s not to love? Enter Follow the Sun, your ticket to breezy bliss. This lager, a masterclass in simplicity, offers a crisp and clean taste that tips it caps to the dream-chasers out there. You know, the ones who look for those moments when life dials down the complexity and turns up the flavor. So, ditch the darkness for a moment, my friends, and step into the light. Follow the Sun, savor the spirit.

Barke Pils Malt, Toasted Rice, Hops: Hallertau Blanc
Tasting Notes
Crisp & Clean
Draft, 12oz cans

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