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“So, You Wanna Be A Cicerone?” Episode I

Here at KARL, August has been declared an unofficial beer education month around the office. Each week during our round table meetings we have been enjoying a plethora of exciting beers and inviting employee’s to host their own beer and food pairings (which has lead to a full-on war of delicious one-upping).  Our Friday growler fill codes all feature authors whose work takes a casual love of brew beyond the basics and expands the devotee’s understanding of the science behind the brewing process as well as the fundamentals of how our taste profiles react to the many varied styles of beer.

That being the case, a point of pride for our team is that we have a number of Certified Cicerones on board to help educate and answer any questions that arise regarding styles, glassware, pairings, etc.

Cicerone Certification Program Logo

Cicerone? What the heck is a cicerone, you ask?

Over time, the perception of the beer industry has evolved and become entirely more complex than it has been for decades, necessitating the creation of  a program that provides a criteria for certifying a person with proven expertise in selecting, acquiring and serving today’s wide range of beers.

According to the official website, “A Certified Cicerone or Master Cicerone® possesses the knowledge and skills to guide those interested in beer culture, including its historic and artistic aspects. These titles  now designate a person with demonstrated expertise in beer who can guide consumers to enjoyable and high-quality experiences with great beer.”

Cicerones in Training

The latest additions to our team, Brian and Alyssa, have been tasked with completing the Certified Cicerone exam and we thought this would be a great process to document and share with our fans and anyone else interested in pursuing the certification. In the coming weeks we will be detailing their journey, from study materials to tips and tricks and off-flavor tasting sessions as well as their progress through to the final test.

Brian and Alyssa Cicerone Study

The first step in the process is to pass the Certified Beer Server exam and the next post in our series will highlight how to approach the test as well tidbits of interesting beer history, factoids and other nuggets of beer nerd wisdom. Stay Tuned!